Pushing Cinemachine camera to do a hard position change with OnTargetObjectWarped

While switching my camera system on Super Space Arcade from a classic camera rig to Cinemachine, I stumbled over an issue where the virtual camera would change its position smoothly, even though I set the transform to a new value. In my case, I need a hard reset of the camera position for the linear track being reset, to not run into overflow errors.

The way this can be achieved with Cinemachine I dug up somewhere in the forums, isĀ 

CinemachineComponentBase.OnTargetObjectWarped(Transform, Vector3)

The first parameter is the moving objects transform, the second is the transform offset. In my case, the code looks something like this

CinemachineVirtualCamera vcam = this.GetComponent<CinemachineVirtualCamera>();
vcam.OnTargetObjectWarped(playerTransform, new Vector3(0,0,-trackResetZ);

Hello World.

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