Energy Barriers & basic mobile controls

Small update on the game as I’m wrapping up for an alpha like release, on mobile and desktop.

Energy barriers
The energy barriers where on my to-do list for a while now. It blocks the players path, it needs to be evaded, there is no way to get through (yet). I was thinking about maybe adding a way to blow up the border elements to break the barrier and using the yet unfinished “Invulnerability” power up would also let the player pass through.
I’m very happy with the barrier and how it influences the gameplay. It makes the game a good deal harder, because you really have to time your jumps. Even I run into them from time to time. Making the game harder without making it unfair was a major concern for me, as one of the earlier versions was so easy I could have played it for half an hour straight when I had a good run, which is horrible for a game that is intended for recurring 2-3 minute runs.

Mobile controls
They are very basic right now, but I have a FIRE button on the lower right and a JUMP button on the lower left. Steering is done with accelerometer and I’m gonna leave it at that for now. I had some feedback by core gamer type players who prefer a virtual D-pad, but I think it’s actually most of the time a horrible experience with any mobile game I’ve played to date, mainly because of the lack of feedback.

I have three more things on my list I want to get done before I release the first version:

  • Invulnerability power up (Run through everything, no damage, collect points for it, enemies blink Pacman-style)
  • Floating Enemy (flys up and down, vertical movement instead of horizontal, as the “Skrull” enemies do)