Back in the ring

After taking a while off from making games (should be singular actually, not plural) I’m now back working on Super Space Arcade. I’m still trying to improve the visuals and after going down the rabbit hole of what I could do, I think I’m onto a much saner workflow, which integrates an SSAO plugin to handle the ambient occlusion (no bakes, but might kill the game for mobile devices) and importing the models through the “Magica Voxel Qubicle Importer“.

This is a much faster workflow and produces somewhat similar results, at least in quality. Major drawback compared to using materials or vertex colors: I won’t be able to change the track color during play, but I think I want to get rid of that anyhow and dial down on the procedural generation of the track a bit, in favour of more meaningful and interesting “hand made” track elements.

The latest version is still available to play here.