Alpha video update

Here is a quick update on the alpha status, just minor tweaks like the containers being a little harder to destroy. Also, not seen in this video though, the player colliding with the level geometry will destroy the ship.

And I think I might be moving away from YouTube as a video publishing platform, it never really occurred to me that there are a lot of people out there without adblockers and they have to go through seeing ads plastered everywhere, I don’t want that. So maybe I’ll set up something myself here, reading up on some of the video encoding information or maybe use a premium/paid service somewhere, we’ll see.

As on the progress: There is just one tiny todo on my list left, which is this one additional enemy type, I call it the “floater”, basically an enemy floating vertically as opposed to the one already there, the “skrull”, which does so horizontally. I think it will add a bit more of a challenge, as it can not be avoided by jumping quite so easily. (I’m always concerned the game is to easy, gotta make it just right, maybe a little easier to start with but also harder after around two minutes)